Jewel Love

On Archetype, Consent, & Healthy Manhood

With Appearances at the Bioneers and the IONS conferences, Jewel Love is deeply committed to leading new conversations surrounding healthy manhood and joining ancient conversations about sacred masculinity. As the founder of Black Executive Men and Urban Healers, Jewel specializes in creating prosocial male-identity brands. As a licensed psychotherapist in California, he uses a person-centered approach to help black men in corporate America find inner peace. Dubbed the Golden Rhinos, his therapeutic origination Black Executive Men has a mission to lead the charge for healthy manhood. This includes practices for optimal mental health and professionals responsible corporate leadership. Through Urban Healers, he harness men's authenticity, vulnerability, and spirituality in order to transform entire cities into oasis's of joy and connection. As a proudly biracial man from Oakland California, Jewel Love confidently embodies the narratives of his Scottish-Canadian and African-American ancestors. The son of Jewel Love, Sr., and Jerrell Stewart, he carries on their commitments to love, spirituality, family, and culture.

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