Nikesha Breeze

Decolonizing Desire and Becoming Sensitive to the Invisible World

Within an interdisciplinary practice of painting, sculpture, installation, film making, and performance art, Nikesha Breeze investigates the interrelationality and resilience of the black and queer body in relationship to power, vulnerability, the sacred, and the ancestral. Her work is deeply ritual and process based, often employing her entire physical body into the action of her work. Originally from Portland, Oregon Nikesha Breeze lives and works in the high desert of New Mexico, she is an American born African Diaspora descendant of the Mende People of Sierra Leone, and Assyrian American Immigrants from Iran.


Meg Saxby

On the Politics of Intimacy

Meg Saxby, MSW, RSW, is a social worker, educator and consultant. Her background is in sexual health education, gender-based violence response and organizational responses to trauma. In her current practice, she works with individuals, groups and organizations who want to heal from harm. Meg lives with her boyfriend, their new baby and a growing collection of semi-feral backyard cats in the east end of Hamilton, Ontario.

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Nenna Joiner

On Inclusivity in the

Adult Film Industry

Award winning adult film director, author, and activist Nenna Joiner is the Owner of Feelmore Adult in Downtown Oakland. Nenna has won two Feminist Porn Awards for the films Hella Brown: real sex in the city and Tight Places: a drop of color, which have screened in countless cities across the globe. Nenna’s first book, Never Let the Odds Stop You, was published in 2015. In 2016, Nenna became a Democratic National Convention (DNC) Delegate and is currently a member of the DNC LGBT Caucus. Nenna gained mayoral appointments to the City of Oakland boards Measure Y and Landmarks Preservation as well as to the Loan Administration Commission of Berkeley. Nenna was named in Curve Magzine’s 2017 Top 100 Power Issue and in 2017 was awarded with the Small Business Owner Leader Award from East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club. In January 2018, Feelmore was honored by Xbiz as ‘Best Retail Boutique’ in the country. 

Gaia Ma

On Tantra, Permaculture,

& Erotic Ecology

A transformational facilitator, Gaia is the founder of the Tantric Way Process, a world renowned personal and spiritual development practice that helps to shatter programmed patterns of the body & mind. She is also the co-founder of InanItah, an earth-based spiritual community on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua where she directs the fire season, which features tantra workshops and permaculture design certification courses. Gaia is also a former stripper and exotic dancer. When she’s not busy teaching techniques of ecstasy and liveness, catalyzing growth, and steering her community towards a more regenerative lifestyle, Gaia is running the Ometepe Development Fund, a nonprofit organization that supports programs for food security, economic development, and land preservation.

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Ian MacKenzie

& John Wolfstone

On Love School

Ian MacKenzie is an award-winning filmmaker & media activist, and the host of The Mythic Masculine podcast. John Wolfstone is a filmmaker, ritualist, wilderness rites-of-passage guide, emergence facilitator and sacred clown focused on the work of cultural redemption. They produce new paradigm films and events through their collective Re/Culture. John and Ian discuss their forthcoming documentary Love School about Tamera, a visionary community in Portugal bringing about systems change in the realm of love and sexuality in service of planetary peace. 

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Eve Lady Apples

On Ritual & the Erotic Web of Being

Eve Bradford is an educator, artist and oracular practitioner working at the intersections of art, activism and magic to create work primarily intended to call upon the true capacity of our most authentic selves in service of full-spectrum health, embodiment, expression and ecstasy. Eve has been producing events and contributing to the evolution of west coast underground culture for the last 15 years. With Isis Indriya, she is the co-founder of Living Village Culture and The Compass at LIB. She graduated from the Gallatin Division of NYU with an independently designed BA in Art Making and Cultural Process, and from California College of the Arts with an MFA in Creative Writing. After a series of profound life-changing events in 2017, Eve began training intensively and joined the teaching staff at the Mogadao Institute, an original lineage of qigong, depth sexuality, martial arts, meditation and Post-Daoist philosophy created by her mentor Zhen Dao. She is also a core player in Zhen’s SACRA Immanence Theater, a radical troupe dedicated to theater as the apotheosis of the work of Mogadao.   

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Jewel Love

On the Golden Rhino and 

Redefining Manhood

With Appearances at the Bioneers and the IONS conferences, Jewel Love is deeply committed to leading new conversations surrounding healthy manhood and joining ancient conversations about sacred masculinity. As the founder of Black Executive Men and Urban Healers, Jewel specializes in creating prosocial male-identity brands. As a licensed psychotherapist in California, he uses a person-centered approach to help black men in corporate America find inner peace. Dubbed the Golden Rhinos, his therapeutic origination Black Executive Men has a mission to lead the charge for healthy manhood. This includes practices for optimal mental health and professionals responsible corporate leadership. Through Urban Healers, he harness men's authenticity, vulnerability, and spirituality in order to transform entire cities into oasis's of joy and connection.  

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Camila Celin

On Music & Sensuality

Camila Celin is a musician and composer from Bogotá, Colombia. She began playing the guitar at age 9 and has been studying the Indian Sarod for over a decade in Kolkata with Tejendra Majumdar and in the USA with Alam Khan. Her former gurus include maestro Krishna Bhatt and Sougata Roy Chowdhury. In 2009, she was nominated for a Grammy for best world music album in collaboration with the Hindustani slide guitar maestro Debashish Bhattacharya. Camila performs around the world and has composed music for film, theater, and commercials. She lives between New York City and Kolkata, India.

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Eli Marienthal

On Wilderness Exploration for

Young Men

Eli is the co-director of Back to Earth and the founding faculty of W.I.L.D., a wilderness guiding, outdoor education organization that works with young men to develop practices of personal development and self care through a culture of peacemaking and thanksgiving. He is trained through The Tracking Project in Corrales, New Mexico, is a NOLS alumnus and a certified Wilderness First Responder. As a PhD candidate in Geography at UC Berkeley, Eli worked on a dissertation about public space and the politics of belonging in Oakland. He has conducted research in Haiti and India, and holds a double bachelor's degree and a master's degree in international development studies from Brown University. Eli is also a poet, dancer, songwriter and spoken-word performer. He was a first generation Youth Speaks poet, and was the youngest member of a winning Brave New Voices National Slam Team, as well as the youngest to win the Bay Area Slam. A former actor, Eli is known for his role as Stifler's little brother on American Pie, which I think makes him especially equipped to pontificate on teenage boys and the cultural messaging they receive around sex!

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Jamila Reddy

On Having the Courage to Pursue Pleasure Over Mediocrity

Jamila Reddy (she/they) is a writer, self-empowerment coach, and life-enthusiast on a mission to help people manifest their dreams. Jamila is the creator of Make It Happen, an online course for creative, compassionate people who want to be more powerful, purposeful, and spend more time doing what they love. Jamila's podcast, Deliberate and Doing it Afraid, features personal stories from the journey to their best life and the lessons that come from it. Jamila's work has appeared on TedX, Greatist, The Body is Not An Apology, and Shine. 

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B.K. Chan

On Rejection Resilience

Karen B. K. Chan is an award-winning sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto, Canada, with 20+ years of experience. Karen (aka BK) is dedicated to having difficult conversations that are real, transformative, and kind. BK’s YouTube video Jam is used as a teaching resource internationally, and her chapter on the importance of creative play was part of the AASECT 2014 Book of the Year. BK's work has also appeared in Toronto Book Award finalist Any Other Way (Coach House 2017), Sexology International, the Tete-a-Tete, and Action Canada's national education manual. In 2014, BK was named "Service Provider of the Year" by Planned Parenthood of Toronto for her work in sexual health, and she was honoured in 2017 as one of 30 Chinese Canadian women of distinction in Ontario. BK has training in Creative Facilitation, Productive Thinking, Non-Violent Communication, and is a facilitator for YES!, which hosts intensive gatherings for social changemakers worldwide. These influences, and more, shaped her favourite ways to learn and teach: through stories, metaphors, diagrams, and things that make people laugh. BK is currently working on a series of tiny books and videos about feelings and justice. Her online course on Emotional Intelligence was released in 2018 and is widely available to the public.

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Katherine Rowland

On the Unfinished Sexual Revolution

Katherine Rowland is the author of The Pleasure Gap: American Women and the Unfinished Sexual Revolution (2020) and the former publisher and executive director of Guernica Magazine. She holds a masters in socio-medical sciences from Columbia University, where she was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellow i medical anthropology. Her writing, which spans public health, cultural criticism, and utopias, has been published in Nature, Outside, Aeon, the Guardian, Guernica, and Psychology Today, among other outlets. 

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Leila Raven

On Abolition and Decriminalizing Sex Work

Leila Raven is a queer mama, organizer, and prison abolitionist from New York City. She is one of the creators of the #8toAbolition platform outlining specific, actionable steps that cities can take to move toward a world without police, and she has been a founding organizer with the DecrimNowDC and DecrimNY campaigns to end the criminalization of sex workers in New York and Washington, DC. She is also the former director of Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS), a DC-based grassroots organization working to build community-based approaches to gendered violence without prisons or policing.

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Ayden LeRoux

On the Aesthetics and Fragility

of the Body 

Ayden LeRoux is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, critic, and educator whose work explores embodiment, eroticism, and illness, in order to complicate narratives about gender, sexuality, and family structures. Her essays, fiction, and translation have been published in Guernica, Catapult, Electric Lit, Los Angeles Review of Books, Cosmonauts Avenue, Palimpsest, edibleManhattan, and Alchemy, among others. She is the Assistant Director of Odyssey Works, a collaborative performance group, and the author of Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One (co-written with Abraham Burickson, Princeton Architectural Press, 2016) and Isolation and Amazement (Samsara Press, 2013). Her work has been featured in The New York Times, ArtInfo, Newsweek, BOMB, Hyperallergic, the Marina Abramovic Institute, Vulture, NPR's Studio 360, Fast Company, and San Francisco Magazine. She teaches Disability and Popular Culture at UCSD.

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Misha Japanwala

On Casting the Female Form: Gender & Expression in Pakistan


Misha Japanwala is a Pakistani artist and designer who uses body casting as palimpsests to study, critique and comment on the violence and judgement inflicted upon womxn and their bodies. Born and raised in Pakistan, Misha moved to NYC to attend fashion school at Parsons School of Design. The intricacies of her journey as a privileged Pakistani, a woman of color, and an immigrant, along with Misha's understanding of and relationship to her own body, are deeply woven into the fabric of her work. Misha’s debut collection, Azaadi, was an homage to the strength and agency of Pakistani women in the face of domestic violence, moral policing and taboos surrounding female sexuality. These themes continue to inform her practice as she works to amplify the voices of the womxn around her.

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Kim Tallbear

On Decolonizing Sexuality through Critical Polyamory


Kim TallBear is Associate Professor, Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta, and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience, and Environment. She is also a Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Fellow. Building on her research on the role of technoscience in settler colonialism, TallBear examines the overlapping ideas of “sexuality” and “nature” in the colonization of Indigenous peoples. She is a regular commentator in US, Canadian, and UK media outlets on issues related to Indigenous peoples, science, technology and critical non-monogamy, and is a regular panelist on the weekly podcast, Media Indigena. She also is a co-producer of the sexy storytelling and burlesque show, Tipi Confessions. Dr. Tallbear is a citizen of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate in South Dakota and is also descended from the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma. 

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