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Presented by Strippers and Sages

Join us for a journey of sacred sound, expansive wilderness, alchemical plants, and erotic activation. 

Friday, September 10th - Sunday, September 12th 2021

Upstate New York 

(*Location provided upon registration)


  • Recalibrate, heal, and deepen your relationship to the erotic in a ceremonial container

  • Unlearn your conditioning to cultivate a truly personal and authentic erotic ontology

  • Tap into the deep, replenishing well of the erotic to unleash your power and creativity

  • Explore how erotic agency is tantamount to self-actualization

  • Experience new frontiers of pleasure and self-touch with the support of vibrational sound and sacred plants


*All are welcome. We screen to ensure that we are providing a safe space for all.

While the weekend retreat is the central event, the journey begins now, with a 1:1 consultation, after which you will receive a customized set of erotic experiments and rituals to explore in the weeks leading up to the retreat.

Because deepening our relationship with the erotic is a life-long practice. 

Human agency, the sense that one is in control of one's life, starts with interoception, which means being conscious of what is taking place inside your own body.” ~Katherine Rowland, The Pleasure Gap

* Listen to her interview on Strippers and Sages!

In a world that has historically demonized, exploited, and repressed our sexuality, how can we reclaim our erotic agency and liberate our innate sensuality so as to experience lasting health, joy, and vitality? Combining introspection (the psyche) with interoception (the soma), and drawing on the power of sacral sound (the soul), we will activate body, mind, and spirit to usher in greater erotic alignment. 


“Recognizing the power of the erotic within our lives can give us the energy to pursue genuine change in the face of a racist, patriarchal, and anti-erotic society." ~ Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic 


Through the lens of intersectional feminism, we will consider how a more expansive view of Eros as the interplay of life forces informs our relationship to nature and situates us in the cosmosWe will discuss what it means to decolonize and re-empower our sexuality (while being mindful, especially those of us who are not indigenous, of the complexity of utilizing such decolonial language metaphorically). We will also explore the broader definitions of queerness to arrive at a non-normative and unscripted understanding of sexuality. 


*Subject to change


  • 4pm - Arrival 

  • 5pm - Light Yoga

  • 6pm - Dinner​

  • 7pm - Opening Circle

  • 8pm - Sensual movement


  • 8am - Sacral Yoga

  • 9am - Breakfast 

  • 10am - Desire, Destiny, & Self-Determination (Workshop)

  • 12pm - Light lunch

  • 1pm - Erotic Pedagogy 

  • 2pm - Yoni Dates & Nature Bathing

  • 4pm - Sensual Sound Journey 

  • 9pm - Integration, light dinner


  • 8am - Yoga, breakfast, final workshop 

  • 12pm - Check out 


(Tickets start at $750)


  • All healthy, organic meals (dietary restrictions will be considered)

  • Sauna, nature bathing, cold stream plunge  

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Individual consultations 

  • Sensual movement workshop

  • Private eco-erotic nature nests

  • Sensual sound journey, with guided breathwork, vocal activation, movement, and self-touch 

  • Accommodations (Vary with ticket price. Options will be provided to registrants.)

To participate, please fill out this form.

We will then contact you to schedule a brief intake call during which we are happy to answer any questions.

Strippers & Sages is committed to creating diverse and inclusive spaces. Please check back for upcoming retreats co-led by BIPOC facilitators, and please get in touch if you are a BIPOC medicine womxn or musician interested in co-creating ritualized containers for our collective healing and erotic activation. Let's do this together.


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Lianne Sonia is the host of Strippers and Sages, a podcast that examines sex and eroticism through the lenses of art, politics, spirituality, ecology, and racial justice. Her highly academic approach to eroticism is complemented by her deep reverence for the body. She is a certified yoga teacher and has studied tantra with Gaia Ma at the eco-village Inan Itah as well as taoist sexology at the Moga Dao Institute in Santa Fe. Lianne also conducted graduate research on sexuality in the Aesthetics and Politics Masters program at CalArts. Drawing on her decade of experience as an immersive theater director, during which she consulted for the producers of Sleep No More, Lianne designs erotic immersions in nature that serve as ritualized containers for healing and transcendence. She lectures at Yale University on Eros, Creativity, and Power and is writing a book on the same topic. Her deepest prayer is for the world to UNF*CK its relationship to sex, so that all beings are safe to experience a full spectrum of pleasure and erotic empowerment.


Petite Celine | SOUND ALCHEMIST 

As an alchemist of sound and an explorer of the mind, Celine approaches her work with as much science as intuition. Currently working towards her Masters in Applied Psychology at NYU, she is an experienced Sound Practitioner and Meditation Guide, and a Researcher at Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy. Celine has also been working and training with sacred rituals and medicines for over 6 years and has become a guardian and guide for their ceremonial usage. Her curiosity about music as a healing modality and a mechanism for mindfulness prompted her transition from touring Indie musician to musical channeler. Celine is a Franco-American native New Yorker whose music is inspired and informed by cultures, stories, scales, rhythms, and prayers from around the world. Her greatest passion is journeying into the depths within, and so, without. Her greatest joy is simply knowing more and more everyday, that she knows absolutely nothing at all.